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CAT: Cereal Ate Tigers, Cute Adorable Things, Coalition At Ten

SEN: Seven Eight Nine, Sun Ear Naps, Super Everything Nerds

SGH: Something Goes Here, Stupid Globe Haters

SMS: Super Mario Sunshine, Sunny Mars Sunscreen

AAA: Awesome Aerial Attacks

AGDINOC: A Game Device In Need of Charging

PETA: Poor Evil Terrible Acts, Pure Evil Tree Air

SAD: Shadows and Darkness

ROTRC: Roll Out The Red Carpet

ILGB: I Love Gummy Bears

SOB: Sadly Overrated Bosses

SAMTBH: Secrets Are Meant to be Hidden

YHTHM: You Have to Help Me

KCE: Karate-Chopping Elevators, Killer Cereal Elmos

MAG: Marshmallows Are Good

EM: Error Messages, Evil Monster

SCHOOL: Seven Cruddy Hours Of Our Lives

HMNB: Help Me Now Buddy

DAD: Drainage Always Dastardly

MOM: Maid Of Mothering

MP: Mario Paint, Mario Phineas, Macaroni Parties, Microsoft Paint, Mothering Paper, Mall Pants

WE: World Edit, World Erasers, Weird Emoticons

GLASS: GIR's Legs Are So Stupid

TANTN: To Above No They're Not

INTERNET: Informational National Techno Epic Radical Network Earthwide Technology

BORING: Blank Oasis Rowing In National Geography

MILK: Most Idiots Like Ketchup

PIA: Pokemon Is Awesome

ARC: Action Replay Cards, Awesome Real Cars

TOE: Tree Orange Ears