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Daria Green is September 24, 2013-August 5, 2016 Ages of 15-18

Jackson Henry Groom is September 10, 2004-June 16, 2017 Ages of 9-21

Remember When Jackson Henry Groom Wrote No School On Daria Green‘s Name & Brian Field’s Name Then Miss Morgan Moppert Took Daria Green’s Name Paper & Brian Field‘s Name Paper Off The Wall & Miss Morgan Moppert & Miss Cheryl Cylc Said (IN THE TRASH BECAUSE DARIA GREEN AND BRIAN FIELD MIGHT NEVER COME BACK BECAUSE JACKSON HENRY GROOM DID NOT GO TO EXTENED SCHOOL YEAR ESY 2016 BECAUSE ONLY DARIA GREEN AND BRIAN FIELD WAS HERE IN EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR ESY 2016 NOT JACKSON HENRY GROOM AND BAILEY RYAN WAS HERE IN EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR ESY 2016 AND DARIA GREEN AND BRIAN FIELD WAS STIILL ALIVE!) Then Miss Moran Moppert Put New Students Name Called Toya Dupree & Yashawn Barksdale.

Remember On Thursday, December First, 2016 At Deacon AnglersWhen Jackson Henry Groom Tried To Drive The Tractor Micheal Took The Key Off Of Jackson Henry Groom But Micheal Is Not Going To Give The Key Back To Jackson Henry Groom Bu Mister Trevor Said (GET OUT BECAUSE JACKSON HENRY GROOM CANNOT DRIVE THE TRACTOR BECAUSE JACKSON HENRY GROOM DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE YET!)