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Home Planet is a fanon movie.

Quick Info[]

A creature named Timothy's home planet was destroyed and kept in the most dangerous planet in the universe: Multidangeria. Now, Timothy sets out on a quest to get his home planet back.


The movie starts with text saying "Timothy... Remember... Remember the days we used to spend?". Timothy responds "Yes... I remember...". The voice responds with "Timothy... I miss you.". The screen fades to white, and it shows Timothy waking up in his bed, apparantly waking up form a nightmare. Timothy notices the walls in the house are mostly torn down, and the floor is broken. The light is also gone, and glass shards are everywhere. Timothy steps out of the house, only to see a giant machine in the sky. Timothy's Mom tells him to go into a pod-like machine. He does, and the planet blows up by the machine in the sky.

Timothy lands on Earth, with his Mom out of sight. Timothy wanders Earth, slightly crying. Random people see Timothy, and shout "ALIEN!". Timothy meets a young boy, just about his age. The young boy says "Hello? Who are you?". Timothy responds with "I'm Timothy. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!". The young boy reveals himself as Chester, and he guesses his home planet was destroyed. Timothy nods his head up and down, saying yes.

Timothy tells Chester his story, and Chester feels bad. A person overhears this from a window, and calls Area 51 on the phone. The person comes out, revealing himself as Zigzag. Chester says that's quite a weird name.