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Guy: Soooo... I wanna buy this thing (holds up what looks like a DVD)

Cashier: Alright, that will be 9.99, sir.

Guy: 9.99? I have 999 paperclips in my pocket, does that count?

(Cashier checks price)

Cashier: No.

Guy: I have 7- no wait... 5 pennies in my pocket. Is that good enough?

Cashier: Just get out.

Guy: Look, I'm gonna bargain here, ya see these pennies? I'll buy this DVD for... 5 pennies!

Cashier: No, get out.

Guy: Oh, yeah? I'll give you a special paperclip.

(Guy writes "Special" on the paperclip)

Cashier: No.

Guy: Listen, I'm just gonna take it without paying. Goodbye!

Cashier: Get back here.

Guy: Fine.

Cashier: What.

(Guy grabs a nickel on the floor)

Guy: Here, one nickel and 5 pennies. Deal?

Cashier: Get out of my store.

Guy: (punches wall) I'm breaking your store.

Cashier: Cut it out and pay.

Guy: I'll give you my car keys.

Cashier: No.

Guy: Be right back.

(Guy runs out store, leaving DVD on counter)

(Guy comes back with his mom's wallet)

Guy: I have 9.98. That enough?

Cashier: It's 9.99.

Guy: Then I gotta find a spare penny. (looks around the store for a spare penny)

Cashier: While you were gone we cleaned the store and took all the pennies, sir.

Guy: I'll beg for a penny outside.

Cashier: Get out.

(Guy begs for a penny)

Random Person: Loser.

Random Person 2: GET A LIFE

Random Person 3: Pants.

Guy: People are idiots.

(somebody puts a penny in Guy's cup)

Guy: YES!

(Back in the stop)

Guy: I want the DVD. I got 9.99.

Cashier: Sir, that penny is fake.

Guy: ...Idiots.

(Guy goes to his friend's house)

Guy: Gimme a penny.

Friend: Sure.

(Friend gives Guy a penny)

Guy: YES!

(back at the shop)

Guy: HERE. 9.99. Gimme my DVD.

Cashier: Yes sir, here.

(At Guy's House)


(105 minutes later)

Guy: Worst DVD Ever.